Garbage Man acquiring a WHAMMY!

A WHAMMY! is an in-game achievement that made its debut in Vigilante 8. To acquire Whammies, the player must successfully hit the opponent with two of their selected weapons in a combo attack, or just using certain Special Weapons in rapid succession. When Whammies are shown on-screen, they will display a WHAMMY! along with the amount of times the Whammy multiplies its worth, for example: '2 x WHAMMY!'. The amount a Whammy multiplies itself depends on the amount of hits an opponent takes with either strategy of receiving Whammies, with Slick Clyde's or Astronaut Bob O.'s Special Weapons being the easiest to acquire Whammies with. Whammies serve no purpose in the game but for personal achievement.

Vigilante 8: ArcadeEdit

Whammies make a return in Vigilante 8: Arcade with an added twist. Every time the player achieves a Whammy, Salvage Points will fly out of the opponent's vehicle, the amount depends on the multiplicity of the Whammy. For example, a '1 x Whammy' rewards the player with two Salvage Points, while a '2 x Whammy' rewards the player with three Salvage Points, and so on. The player can also obtain an Achievement for correctly executing Whammies in-game.

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