Super Dreamland 64 is
Super Dreamland 64

Super Dreamland 64, as seen in the original Vigilante 8.

a playable stage set in a fictional land from the original Vigilante 8. The landscape around the area appears childish and colorful, which in turn might be a parody of the kid-friendly games available for the Nintendo 64 platform, as opposed to the violent nature of Vigilante 8. Structures found around the stage include a giant castle located in the middle of the area, with bridges leading to it; cottages, a moat surrounding the castle, which will drown the player if it is entered; carrot fields, wells, a variety of animals, and a wandering, cartoon knight. Hazards in the stage include an assortment of cannons set across the stage that shoot giant cannonballs randomly across the fields, and the moat that surrounds the castle.


  • The player can enter the castle by waiting near the retractable bridge directly in front of it. The castle entrance will teleport the player out of one of the wells located around the stage.
  • Entering one well will transport the player out of the entrance of another well on a different side of the stage.
  • Sometimes a rainbow will move across the map. If the player touches one of its ends, they will regain some health.


  • This stage is only playable on the Nintendo 64 version, as evidenced by the title.
  • Anything destroyed/killed while in this stage turns into a flock of butterflies.

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