Stunt Track

An image of the Stunt Track stage provided by the Vigilante 8: Arcade website.

Stunt Track is a stage that makes its debut in Vigilante 8: Arcade. This stage is only accessible by downloading the High Octane Pack, available for download through Xbox LIVE. The Stunt Track has an appearance identical to its title: a stunt track. Structures within the stage include hoops that ignite when a vehicle ramps through them, empty bleachers in the distance and an assortment of ramps and underground passageways. Hazards within the stage include giant spheres that become unhinged as a vehicle makes contact with it, fireworks that explode through contact or weapon-fire and explosive barrels.


  • Certain hoops on the western and eastern side of the stage contain Special Weapon Crates.
  • Performing stunts within the stage will result in cheers and applause from an unidentified source. This, however serves no purpose.

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