Steel Mill Cover

The cover photo for the Steel Mill stage.

The Steel Mill is a stage that made its debut in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense. Located in Southwestern Pennsylvania, the Steel Mill seems to be a major railroad spot, complete with railroad tracks, directional railroad changing switches, bridges, and a huge train itself. Hazards in the stage include the train, which won't stop, even if the player is in its way, a peculiar machine located inside the main building in the stage that drips what seems to be molten steel on the player, extruded superhot steel ingots that move on a treadmill in two directions, and large cylinder shaped containers that will roll back and forth if the player destroys its support. Other structures include a large building located in the middle of the stage (as stated above), a small river that continues off stage, and hills that when hit with a weapon, sends a spark that follows the player and burns them when came into contact with.


  • Steel Mill Roam

    A screenshot of gameplay within the Steel Mill stage.

    Certain exits inside the large building in the middle of the stage can lead to the player being held by a magnet and dragged across the stage until the magnet de-magnetizes the player. Doing so may reward the player with a Special Weapon Crate, a Wrench, or nothing.
  • The west most exit in the building reveals a building with a Wrench on top. With enough speed, the player can drive out of the building and acquire the Wrench on top of the building.
  • Attacking the train can reward the player with Special Weapon Crates, or if playing Quest Mode, will reward the player with items required to complete objectives.

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