Skyhammer Mortar
The Sky Hammer Mortar is a weapon found in each Vigilante 8 title. They are equipped either to the side of the vehicle, or the back of the vehicle, and have ten rounds to begin with (twelve rounds in Arcade). When used, they shoot a pink-tinted burst of energy that homes in on a targeted opponent until it hits something, whether it be the target or the ground. This weapon is most effective against a slow opponent, since the weapon itself is slower than most other weapons.


Turtle Turnover Crater Maker Tire Burster
↓ ↓ ↓ (Trigger) ↓ ↓ ↑ (Trigger) ↓ ↓ → (Trigger)
Cost: 2 Rounds Cost: 5 Rounds Cost: 2 Rounds


  • The Tire Burster combo
  • The Crater Maker combo
  • The Turtle Turnover combo
  • In Vigilante 8: Arcade, the Crater Maker combo creates a fire wall when making contact with the ground instead of making a pillar, and only costs four rounds.

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