Sand Factory

The Sand Factory as seen in the Playstation version of Vigilante 8.

The Sand Factory is a stage that makes its debut in the original Vigilante 8. The stage is set in the fictional town of Bacon Slab, Utah, where a supposedly growing business of distributing sand is located. Among the stage, notable strutures include a large, concrete building, which can be deduced as the business HQ, waste facilities, sand mazes, large bridges and ramps and a giant billboard sign that shows a picture of a young woman smiling brightly with a caption next to her, stating: "Sand! What did you do with it, today?"


  • Upon the destruction of certain waste facilities found within the stage, the player will be rewarded with various Power-ups and Wrenches.
  • There are small piles of sands scattered in this stage that, when hit with any weapon, will reduce the size and, after enough hits, reveal Special Weapon Crates and Wrenches.
  • An upper area containing all the Power-ups and a Special Weapon Crate can be accessed by an elevator.

Trivia Edit

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