The complete list of Power-Ups provided by the Vigilante 8: Arcade website.

Power-Ups are collectible objects that, when obtained, will upgrade or improve a certain aspect of the player or anything associated with the player. Power-Ups have been used in gaming for many years, and still continue to be a primary use for modern titles.

Role in Vigilante 8Edit

In the Vigilante 8 franchise, Power-Ups come in the form of rotating icons found within each stage randomly around the entirety of the stage or in secrecy within destructible buildings. Power-Ups have been used in every Vigilante 8 title to date, and the list of Power-Ups has remained the same throughout the entire series.

List of Power-UpsEdit

  • Wrench- Repairs a vehicle's overall damage gauge.
  • Shield- Renders a vehicle invincible for a short time.
  • Radar Jammer- Disrupts enemy vehicle's targeting systems, making it more difficult for homing weapons to hit the desired target.
  • Damage Multiplier- Improves the damage caused by all weapons for a short time.

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