Padre Destino
Padre Destino
Padre Destino as he appears in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense


Padre Destino




Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense


Goliath Half Track

Special Weapon:

Hades Gate



Padre Destino is a fictional character in the vehicle action series Vigilante 8.


Padre Destino was a member of the Drifters and a doomsday prophet, who had time and time again been wrong about his belief of the world coming to an end. When proven wrong, he simply changed the date of the event and carried on preaching, completely undeterred. Prior to the events of Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense, Padre has once again failed in his predictions of a chaotic world's end, causing him to lose almost all of the members of his sect, which he referred to as his "Flock." Convinced in his beliefs but unable to prove them to the world, he set out to force the Armageddon himself, by any means necessary.


Destino's Destruction

Padre Destino's death by the might of Leviathan in his ending in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense.

In his ending, Padre is standing upon what looks to be an active volcano. He chants scripture from a mysterious book within his hand and opens up the cloudy sky above, revealing a strange entity referred to as "the Leviathan." With a confused grunt, Destino looks upon the face of his demise as a strike of lightning kills him in an instant.

Vehicle & StatisticsEdit

Destino Car

The Goliath Halftrack as it appears in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense.

Destino pilots the Goliath Half Track, a massive military vehicle with good acceleration and armor, but has the worst avoidance rating in the game.
Top Speed: IIIII
Avoidance: II

Special WeaponEdit

Padre Destino's Special Weapon was Hades Gate, which, when not in use, has black, wisp-like spirits surround his vehicle. Once activated, a hellish ring of fire warps his vehicle underground. He then reappears shooting up from under enemy vehicles, setting them ablaze if struck.


  • There is a typo in Padre Destino's Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense bio, misspelling the word "recruiting."
  • Padre Destino's name in English translates to "Father Destiny."
  • When Destino retrieves a Special or Random Weapon Crate that happens to contain his Special Weapon, it will randomly dispense either two or three rounds of ammo, which doesn't occur for any other character's Special Weapon.
  • It is hinted that Padre Destino has a background in the military, due to his wardrobe being strung with a chain of bullets and his army-type vehicle.


2nd Offense:Edit

  • "Hasten the undoing."
  • "The end is near."
  • "I'm the peddler of doom."
  • "Beware!"
  • "Infidel!"
  • "The meek shall not endure to inherit the Earth."
  • "Remember: thou shalt not hide from Padre."
  • "Cherish thy judgment day."
  • "Fear not! I shall rise again!"
  • "You haven't seen the last of me."
  • "I shall return as a great pillar of fire!"

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