Pacific Harbor Cover

The cover photo for the Pacific Harbor stage.

The Pacific Harbor is a stage that made its debut in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense. Located in Southern California, the Pacific Harbor is a sort of pit-stop for oncoming ships, complete with retractable bridges, a lighthouse, and a supply station. Hazards in the stage include loading trucks that knock the player back when contact is made and explosive cargo in large red containers. Other structures include cranes that grab the opponent after they drown in the water, a bridge that hovers above a majority of the stage, and a large white building that is presumed to be a hotel for unloading passengers.


  • Pacific Harbor Roam

    A screenshot of gameplay within the Pacific Harbor stage.

    In front of the large white building is what appears to be a large metal detector. Staying underneath it while the lights are green will gradually recover the player.
  • The lighthouse is accessible to players. To do so, the player must climb up marked hills and continue until reaching the lighthouse. The lighthouse's entrance is weapon accessible, and upon entering, the player will be transported up to the top of the lighthouse, receive the Hover Craft enhancement, and be shot out toward the top of the large white building, where a Special Weapon Crate and two Wrenches await. However, slow vehicles such as the Grubb Dual Loader will not be able to get on top of the building through the lighthouse, and are forced to resort to other measures. Each access deals damage to the lighthouse, so it needs to be used wisely or will be destroyed before you get the items on the building.
  • Out behind the main part of the Harbor, a main source of water is available to explore using the Aqua Jets. Exploring this part of the stage may reward the player with Special Weapon Crates, Random Weapon Crates, Wrenches, and other Power-Ups.

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