Oil Fields

John Torque in the Oil Fields stage.

Oil Fields (Arcade) is a stage in Vigilante 8: Arcade, which is an updated version of the Oil Fields stage in the original Vigilante 8. The Oil Fields stage consists of an oil excavation site which seems to reside in a barren setting. Structures within the stage include oil mills, oil caskets, drilling machines, giant spherical containers, pipelines and explosive barrels. Hazards within the stage include the explosive barrels, that detonate on impact, the giant spheres that can cause serious damage to the player, and can only be destroyed by impact which harms the player, and oil containers, which spew out oil when destroyed, launching the player into the air.


  • Wrenches within the level can be found behind the main oil refinery, on a ramp in between two pipelines and just around the main oil refinery, around numerous drilling machines.
  • Of the twenty Alien Artifacts located within the level, most of them can be obtained by destroying various cacti found in the level.

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