Nuclear Plant Cover

The cover photo for the Nuclear Plant stage.

The Nuclear Plant is a stage that made its debut in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense. Located in Southern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, the Nuclear Plant is the site of nuclear experiments. The stage has an advancedly technological appearance, the stage is playable at night, with large nuclear reactors located within enclosed areas. Hazards in the stage include a small transport vehicle, in which if hit with a weapon, will drop a container of nuclear waste, and if touched, will explode on the victim. Other hazards include magnet containers, which will pull you in and shock you on impact, muddy water surrounding part of the stage, two large reactor cores, in which if shot enough, will cause a huge explosion that will cause severe damage and stall any vehicle near it, and two large orange machines that shock any vehicle that stays between them if their lights are red.


  • Nuclear Plant Roam

    A screenshot of gameplay within the Nuclear Plant stage.

    In certain parts of the stage, muddy water pools can be seen. If the player enters these pools, they will drown (without taking any damage), and be shot out an alternate muddy water pool located somewhere in the stage. Occasionally, a Special Weapon Crate or Wrench will be rewarded.
  • In the large building in the center of the stage, if the equipment in the upper level have green blinking lights, and are destroyed, random Power-Ups will pop out of certain machines.
  • Located in each of the two buildings containing a reactor core are a Special Weapon Crate and Wrench.
  • Reactor cores located in two hangars near the center building can be destroyed to cause massive damage to any vehicle around the vicinity.

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