Meteor Crater

Sid Burn in the Meteor Crater stage.

Meteor Crater (Arcade) is a stage in Vigilante 8: Arcade, which is an updated version of what seems like a combination of the Meteor Crater stage in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense and the Canyonlands stage in the original Vigilante 8. The Meteor Crater stage seems to reside in the middle of nowhere, with uninhabited buildings and worn out roads and signs. Structures within the stage consist of tumbleweeds, dry bushes, an assortment of meteor craters and destructible bridges made of metal and dirt. Hazards within the stage include a traveling tornado that whips the player from the ground and throws them a few yards across the stage, causing serious damage, and lasers that seem to spawn from no where that shoot the ground around each meteor crater.


  • A building within the beginning of the stage can be destroyed to create a ramp in which the player can use to obtain a Wrench.
  • In the middle of the stage lies a giant meteor similar to the meteor in the 2nd Offense stage that holds the Alien Ant. If the player destroys the meteor, a giant beam of light will shoot down from the sky and swallow the player and transport them to an unrealistic world for a few seconds. Doing this rewards the player with a Special Weapon Crate.
  • If the metal bridge within the stage is destroyed, a Special Weapon Crate will appear within the broken bridge.
  • Within the outer edges of the stage are two tunnels that will transport the player to the other tunnel on the opposite side of the stage, depending on which tunnel was entered.
  • Of the twenty Alien Artifacts located within the stage, most of them can be found within the shrubs and dried out bushes spreaded across the stage.

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