Meteor Crater Cover

The cover photo for the Meteor Crater stage.

The Meteor Crater is a stage that made its debut in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense. Located in Northern Arizona, The Meteor Crater is a certain 'hot-spot' for meteor crashes, as crashes can be heard throughout the duration of playing in this stage. The arena has a dry, dull appearance, with an absence of grass and simply red-colored dirt throughout most of the stage. Certain hazards in the stage include a police car that chases you whenever you attack it or destroy the donut shop, and hurts you on impact, falling meteors, and the Alien Ant, which only makes an appearance through certain requirements. Other structures include donut shops, gas stations, an observatory, billboards, a drive-in theater, and a large crater pit.


  • Meteor Crater Roam

    A screenshot of gameplay from the Meteor Crater stage.

    If the observatory is destroyed, a giant meteor will strike the large crater pit, causing a large earthquake that ruptures the player's screen. Inside the crater contains the Alien Ant, which can be destroyed continually throughout the duration of playing the stage.
  • If the player enters observatory's middle entrance, the player will be teleported to a tower on top of the observatory, and will be rewarded with the Hover Craft enhancement.
  • If the player enters the left entrance of the observatory, they will be transported throughout other tunnels within the level. With persistence, the player can access a secret area behind the entire stage, which contains a number of Special Weapon Crates and Wrenches.
  • If the player enters the weapon accessible entrance to a gas station and stay within its walls, you will gradually heal for a short time. A power-tool sound should play if it's acquired.
  • If the player destroys the drive-in theater, the screen will rip, and reveal a Special Weapon Crate in the middle of the screen. Getting it is difficult, however, as the players must access a ramp in front of the screen and perfectly aim and pick up enough speed to shoot up high enough to reach it. Slow vehicles such as the Grubb Dual Loader and the Blue Burro Bus can't reach it without the help of a Hover Craft.

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