Loki- Arcade
Loki as he appears in Vigilante 8: Arcade






Vigilante 8
Vigilante 8: Arcade


V8: Glenn 4x4
V8: Arcade: Ground Hog

Special Weapon:

V8: Scatter Missiles
V8: Arcade: Turret



Loki is a fictional character in the vehicle action series Vigilante 8.


It would be safe to assume that Loki is a bit deranged. Before he became Sid Burn's lackey, he was the top pilot at a secret Site-4 base in Nevada. He tested out strange aircrafts (captured alien UFOs), but crashed one purely by accident. They released him shortly after and since then it had been his goal to sneak in to pilot one again. How he met Sid is unknown, but Sid probably hired him on with the promise that he could get Loki in the air again (considering the raid on a secret base in the opening movie of Vigilante 8, he probably would've kept his word). Because of his increasing insanity, Loki became more and more obsessed with flying, to the point where he started talking like a fighter pilot even though he was in a car. As revealed in his quest, Loki took a keen liking to Dave's activities, because through him, Loki could pilot the alien craft again.


Loki's Funtime

Loki invading Y the Alien's spaceship in his ending in Vigilante 8.

In his V8 ending, Loki manages to find an alien craft and takes off with it. He crashes yet again and is labeled an alien by the media.

Due to Loki being DLC, he does not have a Quest in Vigilante 8: Arcade.

Vehicle & StatisticsEdit

Glenn 4x4

The Glenn 4x4, as it appears in Vigilante 8

In V8, Loki drove the Glenn 4x4, a green Army jeep that was small and hard to hit. It had below-average speed and average armor.
Top Speed: IIIIIII

Loki Vehicle- Arcade

The Groundhog, as it appears in Vigilante 8: Arcade.

In V8: Arcade, Loki drives the Groundhog, which is vastly different from Loki's original vehicle, with a new tank/APC-like design. It has fantastic strength, but has low top speed.
Strength: Very Good
Acceleration: Average
Top Speed: Low
Radar Evasion: Low

Special WeaponEdit

In V8, Loki's Special Weapon was the Scatter Missiles, which were large missiles mounted on the back of his car that seek out nearby enemies and rained down on them, causing good damage. It is similar to Team FAST's Blazin' Glory special.

In V8: Arcade, Loki's Special Weapon is the Turret, which is almost nothing like his original Special Weapon, and has more in common with the Bruiser Cannon.


  • In Vigilante 8: Arcade, Loki is only available as a DLC character.
  • Of all the characters' remade images in Vigilante 8: Arcade, Loki has the most drastic changes to his appearance, including a different skin color, facial hair, and a more military-themed wardrobe.
  • His name is a reference to the God of the same name in Norse Mythology.


Vigilante 8:Edit

  • "Bombs away!"
  • "Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for take-off!"
  • "Loki on your six!"
  • "Mayday! Mayday! I'm going down!"
  • "Heh, heh. Just bust a bogey! Over."


  • "Go, Loki! Prepare to engage!"
  • "All systems set for take-off!"
  • "So, where the bogies at?"
  • "That silver wing's for me, chief!"
  • "Oof! Losing altitude!"
  • "Bonzai!"
  • "Hoo-wah!"
  • "Bombs away!"

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