Launch Site Cover

The cover photo for the Launch Site stage.

The Launch Site is a stage that made its debut in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense. Located in East Central Florida, the Launch Site is the presumed headquarters for NASA's shuttle launching program. The stage has an island appearance, complete with sandy beaches, and the entire stage surrounded by water, with technological headquarters located in the western part of the stage, and a launch tower toward the middle. Certain hazards inhabit the stage, such as security towers, that shoot Mosquito Machine Gun-like shots at the player if they get too close, sharks that infestate the waters, wind tunnels that pull the player in and shoot them out the other end, and peculiar engine burners that shoot a blast of fire that causes serious damage and burns the player.


  • Launch Site Roam

    A screenshot of gameplay within the Launch Site stage.

    In an entrance located under the launch tower with two blinking red (or green) lights, a player can enter and two things will happen: If the lights are red, they will be transported out the side entrance. If the lights are green, they will be able to shoot up the launch tower and come back down to collect a number of Weapons, and Power-Ups (If the player is in Quest Mode, all the items will be items required to complete objectives).
  • Located on the western side of the stage, the headquarters of the NASA shuttle launch is accessible if you shoot the correct entrance. Once inside, a beeping noise will ensure that you have initiated the launch of the shuttle located right outside of the headquarters, and a launch pad will begin to move toward the launch tower. Once it's stopped moving, you can enter the headquarters once again and will make a second beeping noise, shooting the shuttle into space. This only serves a purpose in Quest Mode, when certain characters' objectives require the player to launch the shuttle.
  • A secret path can discretely be seen within a certain part of the body of water that leads to two islands. On one island is an arrangement of randomly placed items, including Random Weapon Crates, Special Weapon Crates, and Wrenches. The other island always holds a Wrench.

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