Ghost Town is
Ghost Town

Ghost Town, as it appears in the Playstation version of Vigilante 8.

a playable stage set in a fictional part of New Mexico from the original Vigilante 8. The stage is primarily comprised of deserted landscapes and minor hillzones. Structures within the stage include a small town of old, run down buildings, and an old-fashioned locomotive train that travels around the stage; canyons, teepees and cacti. Hazards in the stage include the train, which damages the player if it is collided with at a high enough speed, and tornadoes found in the lower regions of the stage, which hurl the player upwards at the expense of some health.


  • Shooting some of the locomotive's cargo will result in Special Weapon Crates flying out of it.
  • The largest construction in the ghost town can be destroyed to reveal a Special Weapon Crate.

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