Chassey Blue within the Farmland stage.

Farmland is a stage that makes an appearance in Vigilante 8: Arcade, and is an updated version of the Valley Farms stage in the original Vigilante 8. Farmland is set in a field of various farm equipment and structures. Certain structures in the stage include a barn, orchards, windmills, erosion pipes and plantation storage units. Hazards within the stage include planes and automatic field sprayers that release a sort of powder that stalls the player's vehicle.


  • If the barn within the stage is destroyed, it will reveal a Wrench within the barn, as well as a ramp that the player can use to boost into the air to grab a Special Weapon Crate.
  • The plane that stalls the player's vehicle can be destroyed with precise aim from the Mortar.
  • Most plantation storage units within the level have Wrenches in them.
  • Of the twenty Alien Artifacts hidden within the level, most of them can be found within the trees in the orchards.