Charge Attack

The Charge Attack symbol.

The Charge Attack is a new system introduced in Vigilante 8: Arcade. It consists of holding down a certain button used to fire weapons for a set amount of time to unleash different styles of attacks for an individual weapon. The Charge contains three levels, with each level displaying a different method of attack. For example, if the player has the Mortar weapon, and holds down the button (X, Y, or B) that it was assigned to, the player will hear a confirmative sound to know that they are charging up the weapon. Once the player is charging, a display will appear around the weapon icon that shows their options for attack, showing the name and the level. The level, however, does not guarantee the method of attack is any stronger than any other leveled maneuver. If the player holds the button for too long, the Charge will simply cancel itself, and the weapon will revert back to its normal use.


  • The Charge Attack does not apply to Special Weapons.
  • The attacks used with each weapon's Charge Attack are the same as the direction based combo moves used in previous Vigilante 8 installments. As such, the player can simply input the direction based combo moves to use a certain attack instead of charging up a weapon.