Aircraft Graveyard

The Aircraft Graveyard as seen in the Playstation version of Vigilante 8.

The Aircraft Graveyard is a stage that made its debut in Vigilante 8. As its name suggests, the stage sets place in a barren part of the Yuma Desert located in Arizona in which numerous pieces of failed aircrafts are compiled in a giant heap across the area. Aside from the assembled parts, other structures in the stage include hangars that carry Random Weapon Crates, a giant runway, and a control tower for oncoming flights. Despite the name, fully functional aircrafts occasionally appear during active play in the stage, which counts as a hazard, respectively. Other hazards include planes that drop bombs if secret areas are accessed and cranes holding a weight that smashes when you pass under it.


  • Upon destroying oncoming planes when they land on the runway, the player will be rewarded with various amounts of Weapons for their vehicle.
  • There are two secret areas, each containing one Special Weapon Crate, one Random Weapon Crate, two Wrenches and Power-Ups.
  • Passing in front of the control tower when the radar is rotating and turning green the red light, will cause a plane to drop bombs and cause some damage to the selected enemy.

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